Author: Rose Hernandez

smoked cream cheese

Smoked Cream Cheese Recipe

This smoked cream cheese recipe delivers a deliciously creamy, smoky, and flavor-packed appetizer perfect for any gathering. Start by selecting your seasoning preference: choose between the zesty and bold taco seasoning or the tangy and herby ranch seasoning to cater to your taste buds and those of your guests. The cream cheese block is then […]

candied grapes

Healthy Sour Frozen Candied Grapes

Discover a refreshing and healthy alternative to traditional sour candies with these Healthy Sour Healthy Sour Frozen Candied Grapes. This simple recipe transforms fresh grapes into a tangy, icy treat perfect for hot days or a quick snack. Packed with flavor, these frozen grapes mimic the tartness of your favorite sour candies without the added […]

Pickle de Gallo

Pickle de Gallo

Pickle de Gallo is a zesty and crunchy twist on the traditional Pico de Gallo, featuring the delightful tang of pickles. This refreshing condiment is perfect for adding a burst of flavor to tacos, burgers, sandwiches, and more. The combination of pickles, tomatoes, onions, and fresh herbs makes it an irresistible addition to any meal. […]

sourdough bagels

Homemade Sourdough Bagels Recipe

Sourdough bagels are a delightful twist on the classic breakfast treat, offering a tangy flavor with a chewy texture. They’re perfect for pairing with various spreads or enjoying on their own. Why You’ll Love This Sourdough Bagels: This sourdough bagel recipe combines the rich flavors of traditional bagels with the unique tanginess of sourdough. They’re […]